Data Storage &
Data Exchange

A closer look at how
these two services can
improve data distribution
and consumption

DHT Services

Datahive Technologies is a cloud-based technology platform which offers applications and services to help make business more efficient and increase data accuracy and control the bottom line through informed decision making, time-savings, automation and integration.

Data Exchange

A universal bi-directional data exchange, combined with powerful data transformation tools, delivers a single solution for cross-company data distribution and consumption.

Data Storage

An easy, flexible, and fully customizable data storage solution used to design “Forms” for storing any data in the cloud.


A central repository of “Forms” to enforce standardizations for data collection, making data capture quick and easy to define and deploy.


A community forum for advertising, commerce, and collaboration that supports a variety of B-to-B and B-to-C activities.

Account Administration

A simple user administration service for managing access to all Datahive Technologies services.

Custom Applications

Datahive Technologies is a community of SaaS-based applications and services that promote collaboration. It is open to both custom and 3rd party applications that unify together under a common cloud-based technology platform.