Custom Applications

A unique cloud-based technology platform to build on

Custom Applications

Datahive Technologies is a community of SaaS-based applications and services that promote collaboration. It is open to both custom and 3rd party applications that unify together under a common cloud-based technology platform.


  • Leverage Core Services
  • Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Public or Private

Key Features

Leverage Core Services

Datahive Technologies is an application eco-system with technical services like user security and cross-application integration, and functional services like license management, billing support and customer provisioning.

Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Datahive Technologies is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to leverage native Azure services like security, web application deployment, database deployment, storage accounts and more.

Collaborative Environment

Both custom and 3rd party applications gain the benefit of Datahive Technologies modern and secure cloud technology, native automation and integration infrastructure, and inherent user community.

Public or Private

Any application deployed on Datahive Technologies can be visible to the entire community or visible to only select customers. This supports private development of applications for specific customers.

Example: How it Fits Together

1. Field Measurement company's send meter readings to the Data Exchange app.

2. The Data Exchange app transforms the data and sends it into the Data Storage app where it is stored.

3. The Data Storage app sends the data to a Custom or 3rd Party Application which runs its normal business processes.

4. The Custom or 3rd Party Application generates various invoices, statements and reports.

5. The Custom or 3rd Party Application sends the invoices, statements and reports to the service providers, business partners and external stakeholders.