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What is Datahive Technologies

Datahive Technologies is a modern cloud-based technology platform that improves how companies collaborate.

We develop next-generation applications and services that offer improved information exchange, storage and integration. These all work together to improve the flow of information between companies, external stakeholders and internal business processes.

How is Datahive Technologies Changing Business

Datahive Technologies develops the next generation of cloud-based applications and services that improve how companies interact, collaborate, transact and conduct day to day business functions. Our applications and services help make business more efficient and increase information accuracy and control the bottom line through informed decision making, time-savings, automation and integration.

DHT Services

Data Exchange

A universal bi-directional data exchange, combined with powerful data transformation tools, delivers a single solution for cross-company data distribution and consumption.

Data Storage

An easy, flexible, and fully customizable data storage solution used to design “Forms” for storing any data in the cloud.


A central repository of “Forms” to enforce standardizations for data collection, making data capture quick and easy to define and deploy.


A community forum for advertising, commerce, and collaboration that supports a variety of B-to-B and B-to-C activities.

Account Administration

A simple user administration service for managing access to all Datahive Technologies services.

Custom Applications

Datahive Technologies is a community of SaaS-based applications and services that promote collaboration. It is open to both custom and 3rd party applications that unify together under a common cloud-based technology platform.

Why was Datahive Technologies Started

Datahive Technologies was created by experienced industry professionals with a long history of successful application development and an intimate knowledge of complex business problems. We created Datahive Technologies to solve a common problem:

  • Find better ways to exchange information with partners to improve process efficiency
  • Look for cost-effective alternatives to information services and line-of-business applications

What Value does Datahive Technologies Bring

Deliver line of business applications in an affordable SaaS model

Companies are looking for new ways to control and reduce IT costs. To support this, Datahive Technologies has adopted a Software as a service (SaaS) model. With SaaS, software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted in a cloud environment. SaaS applications are priced based on usage parameters and are paid monthly or annually. Consequently, the initial setup cost and overall cost of ownership for SaaS is lower.

Drive business process efficiencies with modern cloud-based collaboration services

Companies need to do more with less and find creative ways to maximize productivity. To support this, Datahive Technologies has re-envisioned how business-to-business collaboration should work. Datahive Technologies is built from the ground up on the latest cloud technology platform from Microsoft using modern data conversion and storage techniques.

Grow your company on our robust technology platform

The Datahive Technologies application platform is an application eco-system comprised of technical and functional services that allows custom and 3rd-party applications to join the community. The platform can be leveraged to enable new integration opportunities and to create the next generation of applications and services not previously possible.